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What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? by Annie D

Commission for maealoril


What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie? by Annie D

Commission for maealoril


Tilda Swinton in “Only Lovers Left Alive”


Tilda Swinton in “Only Lovers Left Alive”

Adam’s connection to Detroit. [x]

Tom Hiddleston as ‘Adam’ in Only Lovers Left Alive




See, here he was like ‘Why not?’ Because earlier that’s what Thor wanted to do, that’s what Thor would have done. So he saw no problem with it. In this scene its the irony that its now Thor trying to talk Loki out of doing the exact thing he wanted to do earlier in the film.

Loki’s giving Thor a taste of his own medicine, having him be the voice of reason and Loki completely ignoring him and treating him like a fool. Just like Thor had done.

This. Exactly. There’s an amazing essay on the topic here, which I urge you all to read.

That article was mindblowing! If you read this and you still think Loki’s a shit-villain and a whiny bitch, you’re missing the whole point of his character and you need to go away.

Favorite Quotes from The Girl in the Fireplace

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Is this a Trek cats gifset?! <3

Is that Spock as the Godfather in the first gif or what?

He could give Don Corleone a run for his money if he wanted to. :D But alas, no, cats just like him. :) Also tribbles. :D







ok seriously if you look at his reaction faces every time a woman threatens or beats on him that boy has a fucking sub complex a mile wide.

#look i’m just saying that loki’s always been subby #stop trying to rule shit dollface #you can’t top your way out of a wet paper bag #and that’s okay #just accept it #your life will get easier (thefangirlhood)

I think the most hilarious thing about this is that when you read the notes everyone  - no matter what their ship, even if they don’t have one - is pretty much unanimous in the idea that Loki’s a bit of a masochistic sub and he’s getting off on this.

So fanonically, all of Asgard’s reaction to him getting out of the cell must be like friggin’ christmas for him. Seriously, he must be rock hard at this point. It explains the expression.


Ugh, thank you. All the insistence after his appearance at Comic Con that Loki was totally a Dom was driving me nuts. The ability to stomp around and demand attention does not a Dominant make. Loki lacks the sense of responsibility and desire to caretake that actual (good) Doms possess. Like, he CAN BE responsible and is a decent caretaker for specific individuals (proven by how well he looks out for Thor and his friends during the fight with the Frost Giants on Jotunheim), but it’s not an innate desire for him: it would piss him off if he had to do it all the time. This is also why he would be a shit king. He may be a great strategist and diplomat, but having to deal with everybody’s problems all the time would wear on him really quickly until finally he’d just be like “YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT ROCKS FALL AND EVERYONE DIES HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES”

Loki is a submissive: he wants to be overwhelmed with attention (be it negative or positive) and adoration, and he wants desperately to please the Dominant figure(s) in his life - to the point that he goes to ridiculous, life-ruining lengths in hopes of doing so. He’s a masochist: deep down he wants to be punished for the terrible things he’s done and for the terrible thing he IS (in his opinion), but ideally he wants it to be done by someone he trusts and loves. He’s also really screwed up in the head because men aren’t supposed to be submissive in his culture: they’re supposed to be macho and domineering and totally in charge, and if you’re (sexually or socially) submissive then you’re womanly, and by the standards of any patriarchy, the worst thing a man could want to be is a woman. So he can act the part of the swaggering “Dominant” from time to time, because it’s expected of him. It’s probably part of the reason why he’s become so obsessed with ruling at all (besides wanting to be seen as Thor’s equal): he’s overcompensating for all the times he was likely called effeminate for using magic/preferring ranged attacks/using his brain instead of brawn. He’s trying to hide all the things about himself that would disgust the people he wants so much to impress … and in the end it’s only made things worse for him, which has just made him angrier and more willing to do increasingly terrible things to prove himself, to the point where I think he’s lost sight of exactly what it is he’s even trying to prove and who he’s trying to prove it to.

i am so aroused by this well-thought-out argument







I have seen people try to analyze Raleigh’s fighting style in this scene

and I just sit here


muttering to myself

"It’s not Raleigh’s fighting style."

#Even with a ton of training  #it just wouldn’t be in the hand-to-hand combat lexicon of a six-foot-tall man  #to TUCK HIMSELF INTO A BALL AND SOMERSAULT ON ONE HAND  #in order to take down his opponent.  #This is the technique of a MUCH SMALLER HUMAN BEING.  #Someone who is accustomed to using people’s height and bulk against them  #not someone who already has height and bulk to his advantage.  #I will give you three guesses as to whose technique it actually is.  #HINT: she is standing in the background of the first gif with her fists up  #thinking to herself ‘Do the thing Raleigh. Do the thing.’  #DISCLAIMER: Hannah is not a martial arts expert.  #But this is no fucking joke legit exactly the kind of thing my mom taught me  #about controlling a situation and turning perceived disadvantages into the fucking endgame.  #The year I ran rock camp I asked my parents to teach the self-defense workshop  #and my mom is 5’2 and my dad is 6’2 and at least a hundred pounds heavier  #and she showed every girl at camp how to make themselves into a fulcrum  #and bring down big-ass scary dudes  #and never in my life shall I forget when she asked what other advantages we have  #and a girl held up her drumsticks  #and Mom took one and proceeded to jab it into Dad’s pressure point.  #A FUCKING DRUMSTICK. USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT OKAY.  #This got hella rambly but suffice it to say that I am  #and always shall be  #stanning Mako Mori 5ever.  #OKAY ONE MORE THING  #THIS IS THE KIND OF MOVE THAT COULD SNAP A BONE  #IF YOU DO IT JUST A TINY BIT WRONG  #BUT RALEIGH DIDN’T  #HIS ONLY OTHER NON-JAEGER FIGHT SCENE WAS CUT FROM THE MOVIE AND INVOLVED HIM SLAMMING A GUY’S HEAD INTO A BEER CAN 

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